Curating Resources

Curation is one of the most fun aspects of being a librarian.  It is a way to get kids to books and resources as well as provide means for teachers to have access to the library for curricular materials.  I have also enjoyed exploring digital curation as a tool especially as my role as librarian has become mostly digital in the COVID era.  

After reading the blog article Thing 8: Digital Curation Tools, I was really impressed with the link to Dr. Tim Clark’s infographic, Curation for Digital Learning.  The infographic is one I would like to print out and place in view to remember that I need to be updating my resources and deleting those that aren’t valid anymore.  It also reminds me to not forget my library website and make sure to check that links work (and keep checking).  I already have a link in resources that I created at the start of the school year that doesn’t work.  

I decided to dig further into Google Slides as a curation tool.  I have been using it to create small collections to post in my Smore newsletters as well as on the school library website.  After watching the Digital Learning App Smash for Future Ready Librarians, I learned about add-ons for Google Slides that I had never used before.  Another video that was really helpful was New Ed-Tech Classroom’s Must-Have Google Slides Add-Ons for Teachers.  There I learned about these add-ons for Google Slides that have made curation much more fun and interactive.  

I have done a few Google Slide curations for some reading promotions.  I did a slide for Banned Book Week, for Hispanic Heritage and this week I did a Spooky Tales collection for Halloween themed books. I did use some new add-ons with the Spooky Tales slide that I learned about through the webinar and the you-tube video.  

Some of the new tools I used are pictured left.

I used extensis fonts to get the spooky font and icons for the spider webs. I am working on exploring Nearpod and Pear Deck to see how I can add those in as well for future curation projects. I did add Nearpod to my Hispanic Heritage slide to get some links in the slides. I did find that Nearpod is a little difficult to get working in Safari, so I had to switch to Google Chrome. Easy accents is another one that is useful for when you have to add accents to different languages. Pear Deck is one that I want to explore further and see how that can be useful. It was mentioned in both the app-smash webinar and the you tube video.

These tools will be a wonderful resource to show students how they can add things to their Google Slides. I think teachers as well will be excited to learn more ways that they can jazz up their slides for teaching and learning, so I will be sharing some of these add-on tools at the next staff meeting. Professionally, the add-ons give me a way to show teachers some new tech tricks as well as provide ways for students to enhance learning.

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